Squadd.io Unblocked

What's up gamers what's going on games James come after today with some squad that I oh it's a fun probably the best dad I Oh game that I've seen in quite some time. Which is why bringing it to you so I, just signed in using facebook we got a bunch of free like we got like a thousand whatever those things are 100, Jim's jump into the shop so we get a mother effing m4 for just 20 of these things. Oh it just means upgradeable things well bang it well then we get a bunch more medals but I, mean oh ok well I thought I can buy some cool stuff we got to go into these weapons Alex eat we get weapons upgrade upgrade just upgrade these things that's what I'm okay so we're. Gonna quit this guy look whatever guys, can we get all they're all locked hmm a lot for a thousand what should we get Scooby jimbacca we, may we be Chuck Norris did we unlock it no no we don't have it out all wanted our. Spend it on hold on that is ok so we're going to do what we're going to do this guy Rambo oh yeah we're going to equip alive.

Actually never played the game before I just found. Out about it and now we're going to go straight into it let's just go kill some swatches here we go here we go got shooters yes through that's a bomb ok okay okay that's the that's the. King we're not going to go after the. Game oh wow wow tamala Sh what's this you got a stinky nyah ok ok, so right-click dashes whatever a dash is ok some the coolest ones here maybe maybe it maybe it does just you just spawned in somewhere pretty, coming from oh man people are killing everybody there's some help should i guard the help Wow oh. I kill somebody oh no no no give it alright those dudes again not easy level of. New chest that's what I'm talking about mom I love again we get a little bit dang it, that's it right click to dash we're gonna get him we're gonna get him come on Johnny yeah what no no no yeah we annihilated Johnny so I'm talk. About 50 points somebody killed fanboy Flint boy cool I don't know.

The why I just made that noise at me come on we're yeah oh yeah oh I got fourth place of the leaderboard out. Of five probably oh come on bitch you're going down sucker all right god help me damn it get it I at pinis no no no you ain't killing me sucka get. Away from me. Get away from me hi yeah we made it go get all get get out of here what what's blocking us I like that. Should not have been blocking us we're gonna hide over here hopefully get some help you know we got a shield that's even better yeah get that sumbitch alright help gonna run away, like a pussy get some help me get him all. I got money oh god oh damn well she'll be watch a video we're. Not watching the video but we did get a new chest cuz get the meaning 30-11 run up level 4 already a metro we're going to make it to the top of the look we're already third, we are already third blows things up. Keeps meerut are you going bud wow so that he's got a ton out don't go after that guy like this my dad just right. Dad all right we're going to guard this help here anybody want some, help gotta go through me to get some come on sucker two for one that's what I'm talking about hell yeah oh King things here. On you have to help me dickhead wow he annihilated us everyone was getting it up on him though kind of live 32 seconds oh gotcha, sucker I think your your things and what's up start screen that gun you come here near, Savannah oh my okay I'd say old mom I think.

I'm back I'm health can I have a house phone with the health come on I don't want to die by the king, I know he's here there he is come on you so bitch oh yeah we're yet where you bastard, tustin you did sucker we have your speech I pity your ass you like that to bits p but that that we just stood there in that vortex destroy it some. Bitch to try the.

Saber I don't think I launched a video actually you know I'm a watch this video check you a second boom got the rifle see if we could take the people out I definitely turn the music down. But it apparently got turned back up I don't know here we go here we. Go here we go oh you got lucky sucker well I stuck with this thing that's for, damn sure yeah I really stuck with this uh this sniper got. It bad yeah lame throw an asshole come on come on how do I get me guess oh he dodged it come on come on, oh my god I suck so bad with the sniper yeah bitch oh yeah bitch I left the king music is way too loud wow this sniper was not worth. The video David. Rhew got at that I remember you loading get out of here get out of here get out of here hey we're third place in leaderboard dead sucka please suck okay I'm gonna hide, real quick I don't know how to get the sitting damage oh I need some help really bad oh yeah. Bitch Chewbacca do it let the King oh good dreams. Number one baby Manny breath give me a shield oh yeah we're first place now a sniper was well beyond worth it got. Him got him damn it during it we were in first for a minute oh we got some. Chest let's open up the chest see we get here we get medals a shotgun shotgun Uzi nice. Do it again Thompson's okay uno mas tres bon oh here we go one more Thompson shotgun Uzi we just.

Really get the better one gold Chet what suppressor nice so what I do we what is this stuff to damage 618 528 d820 to this thing does for. Damage wow that is crazy, we're using the Thompson because this thing does 822 oh wait this thing when we've been using a does 823 she's small missile just blows up on impact very versatile rifle with low fire rate, and reasonable damage just keep what we got let's keep all we got how much, money is viet we had 1000 maybe we maybe we become chuck norris what's become chuck norris yeah yeah let's do it oh we're in second, for text has this wool vortex is way up there okay we got there may be some bitch got him. I don't care about this weapon but I do what this health no one's going to, get this help with me smile piss off Kurt that's pirate that's not it it's not a cowboy this. Cowboy k you would come over here imma imma shoot you will Ricardo lucky Ricardo sound bit oh he wouldn't grab the help doc get out here dodge. Dodge, yeah y Ricardo we escaped here we go we're gonna get us killed here who's the app whoo-hoo flamethrower motherer we're chugging it damn it via planes those two motherers here we, go you go you sons of bitches damn it we, died damn it all right we'll get it this time don't worry we're up it first place one you'll get it again renewed our dough so I reloading reloading. Reloading yeah I got a bad habit of standing in one spot oh no. No no no poor phone we can do this we've got to get first place again there, are no joke here we go here we go I way to that hurt me got a bad habit of staying in one spot right here he dummy here we go got a shield baby. Give me my money give my money we'll beat you punk I'm gonna beat you back your Chewbacca oh hey boys. For the shield dammit dammit how we losing points what how do we lose points you read 200 something no idea how, you lose points maybe every time you die shield up let's talk about oh good grief it's rounded no no, no no no no come on come on actually see you mine oh yeah your. Dad tree or money talk about just got damaged, up that's not good we're yet we're yeah come on take a place is our help, yeah Oh Michelle disappeared not cool man not cool that's because she'll get out get out get out the guy's got shields get out damn it he takes me down you bastard you knew I was coming for its, position hey you look we're gonna kill you well Q you did and they got a shield. We got help what I thought I was gonna give me extra help a little clicking. Sound suck it or tex asshole Jesus go yourself wow that's the bull so the bull level seven. Yet new chip come on I care you got to get first place again we have to get first place how would they weren't even they. Weren't even shooting me what truck they're like aimed via a complete. Opposite direction of mass was it happened well I was like in the game we're never they're not going to beat that. Dude me yes yeah vortex eat my dick I'm here, motherer don't want to with me tell you what oh I ran out of my thing Cobra come here Cobra and got, on me I chooch it I'll kick your head off we gon we gon sumbitch no got it that.

We're sorry but I had to get you where we at where we at. Crazy sons of bitches and getting away from me oh i just realized I'm full screen mode that's why I'm losing there we go haha no no no no no no no girl screams. Screams is first we gotta get out of here got another doc cash stash motherer dash yeah, yeah yeah we did it whoo get over here get over here we'll. Be fine oh we good son of a bitch kill me motherer we had you baka oh yeah we got first place motherer whoo hell, yeah I can reload we're going to gang up on.

Me though piss off Wow my dash ed me got him no no no no no no Oh dash come on look, dash the wrong way you bastard no no no no dad we heard flicking a red first again started ah man this game is pretty fun I'm, really really really liking this game if you guys like this game as well please don't forget that thumbs up, button if you dislike the video go ahead hit that dislike button and leave me a comment down. Below to what you guys think the video or just chat with me let me know if you wanna play some, more as well let's open up this looks like it's a the best of the best box I think Oh 309 metal 13 suppressors 56 Thompson's and two, snipers that is what i'm talkin about let's go ahead and do some upgrading real, quick oh yeah look at this sniper Oh rounds no money it's okay that is. So sick no money for that either it's common but it does 820 if we. Upgraded it will be 822 + 82 it'll be the best gun that we got hell yes alright I appreciate you guys watching I check you in the next video peace . .