Squadd.io Skins

Gabriel Gabriel bitch Gabriel you're gonna die stall god i'm reloading reloading hello everybody and welcome back today we are playing a game called squad dot io which is. A browser game that you can play for free and if you think it looks interesting the link for it will, be in the description so go have a go the only thing is if you want to play a full version you actually have to connect, with your facebook account because. Without connecting it you can only play a sort of data version or a demo version you won't unlock all the cool stuff apparently so either either connected, with my facebook account that's my name right there that one i'm probably going to use that in game which. Is a little bit annoying but we're going to do it other way now that i've done that i can choose from different heroes this guy called rambo red Barrett. Lora craft, lora craft we have dead I man in suit furball mr. explosive captain blue and Anubis he looks cool he costs 200 red rubies and let, me guess that to get more red rubies you have to spend some real money there you go you see it costs real money and I'm not going to spend, real money and then we can of, course choose the weapons we have the basic pistol here called the deagle we have a routine shotgun Thompson m4 suppressor minigun bouncy bouncy rifle or bounce rifle then a sniper I. Really want the bounce rifle but it's locked and I don't, know for how long that we have the chest this is something that I got now that I unlocked the game. So we're gonna click it and see what happens I got games metals Thompson, and m4 cool now how do I get more chest all after six hours I get it get it peace I think I can play these, with friends as well but i bet that opens my facebook singing I have to send. I'm not going to do that so without further ado let's choose a hero we're gonna go, to the red Barrett cuz he is it he's cool hey i like i like the town he does blombo I'm gonna go with red Barrett either the thumb person. Or the m4 10 pm-4 there we go and let's well as let's play basically how do I there we go we are in the game. Okay let's just I don't know why I did that but you know you're dead yeah that's a shield. Oh I have a shield it looks like a bubble that's nice do we, have any more people here that I can kill show yourselves you bastard. Hello okay I'm gonna dash a little bit here and get away Oh God ya get here bitch get on my level get on my own is that because I yes hahaha all right do we, have more people here there's. A sheet or shield thank you don't mind if I do and why do I have a shotgun well I kill, him and I'm gonna take the gun I think I unlocked something I killed somebody there's well double, kill oh yeah uh I have a crown I'm number one of the leaderboards holy crap I haven't even played for long pi everything somebody and then we have somebody there we could probably killing as, well no ah go down here gently do we have oh there's, somebody come on hello I kill him yes gang, banging way we do it I don't know what this this gun does it's a sort of the Rockets rifle I still know where this what is it it's a suppressor that's. What it is of course I knew that hi I kill him.

Too ok I got it I'm picking up the gun that's it that's a good way to try the new. Guns I guess I haven't tried oh he has a shield we have the m4 again oh there's a shield I read about the shield this is really cool i like this game, I mean. Not bad oh he has the crown now why do you have the clown bitch I thought I did well oh I already have the. Shield I don't need a motor shield okay I'm gonna kill Morgan to be as a shield you piece of crap yeah I took your shield bitch or like the crown the crown is mine. I killed somebody double kill 810 points look at me being first on the, leaderboard hello reload I'm reloading don't remind me there you go but. It's this damage up hi dad I'm just killing everybody and we're just killing ever he's dead as well enemy killed. What do I have now what is this I have a sniper rifle I don't want to smell oh I killed somebody and he dead who, the do you dead come on yes and I'm so good at this game holy crap monster killed who's this nobody wants, to like try and kill me why ways that whether nobody turns yes this is so easy I'm so good, at this game oh free kill thank you don't mind if I.

Do let's do it now we're not going we're not gonna fight him he seems like, a fatass don't wanna I don't want to fight bad asses because I'll lose I'm still the first I have 2,000 points holy okay I, killed him I think I did yeah I killed Jake it's amazing um shield don't mind if I take the shield thank you oh this is a. Really fun game I didn't think it was. Gonna be this fun but it's a lot more fun as soon as she like unlocked all the weapons because it's I mean it's unfair if you don't have all, the weapons that's just the way it is hi is that dead there we go Jake, is dead jakey said let's just shoot all the bullets from the easy because I want my m4 back there we go. He's dead I had 2,000 points nobody can send up to the mighty, whack master dead I don't know what this weapon does oh it's a meeting on hahahaha Jake is gonna die Jake is gonna die you dead and this guy's gonna die, I don't care don't have the m4 again. Or still have a meeting on there we go we're back to the m4 hi there how, do you like your odd let's try and get like as high as possible now I'm so good how am I never good at this game these guys. Must think that I'm cheating thankfully i'm recording so i can actually prove to people. That i'm not even cheating i have damage boost let's kill somebody i have driving worn out like twice the damage holy, crap just fire fire fire fire fire I don't care die dead boom. What what's my life I can't see my life I don't know if I'm just like about to die or if I'm perfectly fine double kill come on let's get a triple kill let's get a triple kill let's get. A triple kill come on triple kill it's that triple kill multi kill okay, let's get a fourth one chunk it at 44. Come on hello there I like you what the hell is this weapon that I have now it's the suppressor again I want my m4 god damn it i just realized that i have 500 help i. Have 500 health how can anybody possibly.

Kill me with this much help die dude ah oh god no no no no no no listen to me there you go the suppressor east is worst I killed somebody. Haha what is this whoo I have a flame gone cool i like the flame gun nice and he has. A shield but i don't care about, that because I don't need a shield I have 500 health because I am The King I think the more people I kill the more of health I get are like I get, healed if I, kill people I would like to see my status I would love to see my stats right now I've killed so many, dude I think this is where a shield spawned that's where the dude is camping over there. I'm getting low on health let's try and get a health boost or a damage boost don't mind if I do I have 5,000 points 5,000 points I'm so close to dying holy crap i'm. Close to dying 71 health who are we gonna go to, go away now cuz i don't want it oh the shield I'll take the shield maybe that'll shield Mila wait yeah I think so alright cool, cool cool 5,000 points try and get a health pack somewhere he's not. Gonna escape the wrath of the wacky master racket was always dead and she's dead thank you just wait here for for, a health pack I'm gonna camp there we go I have a hundred more life that's all I need to. Kill snooze that he's dead he dead yeah you see his mind you piece. Of all six thousand points holy crud okay you're so dead man you're so dead oh you got a health pack that chic bastard is dead as well yep he's dead. I think people are getting mad at me for being so good at this game Jake you aren't you're no match for the. For me you're.

No match for me you're no match for me get back here I'm gonna kill Jake I don't care yes I would love. To get like above 10k before I end the video unless I die you know I can always dye right there's no guarantee that I. Won't die white come on decided I nope you gotta help back you bastard oh god he's really gonna kill me now we can play Jake you piece, of playing safe now because I don't want to die, don't I just don't want to die the way they could kill me right now, you see if they all teamed up on me that's the way they could kill me and I think that's the way it's supposed. To work I think you're supposed to team up on the one that has the. Star or like the crown right this time at all it's just used them up we load the gun go back down and kill this dude Gabriel Gabriel piece of Gabriel you're gonna die it's, all god I'm reloading reloading though i don't care i'm gonna kill, Gabriel I'm not I think they're starting to understand the point of this game which is to kill me because I have. The crowd what shield thank you okay he's lagging a little bit to me let's get. This damage boost and go back and kill this er because I think he's trying. He can even kill me but he can't because I'm the best and let's kill but Stern or not there you. Go oh I'm just I'm killing everybody Jake Jake Jake is dead okay I'm enjoying this game a lot more than I thought I would it is not bad at all, it is quite fun okay I'm just gonna run this way and shoot down take the shield, and continue shooting at Jeffrey Joffrey or whatever you can call it looks okay, he has damaged up I don't care determine chilly there we go and I'm going to kill you as well thank you and we have nine thousand points if I can get. To send 10,000 I'm going to be happy yes 10,000 points. Holy crap man i am at 10,000 points take cohen how's it hanging you dead just take the meeting on and shoot people take Gabriel or whatever his name, is hi and you as well there you go and you how do you feel about dying okay would you let me. Just reload for a little bit here there you go all right thank you you cannot escape me you cannot escape, me, yes what do I have not Susie or whatever are you dead I have the Thompson that's cool yeah what are you, gonna do huh what are you gonna do huh what are you gonna do what what what happened he just he just went right through all, my shock there we go he's dead like a kill or multi kill oh yeah 12,000 pounds, guys yeah yeah you don't you can't escape me dude it can't escape I know 500 health there's no we're pleased escape ok him, John yes twelve thousand points ooh want this I have Ark thrower yes oh this is the cool weather man and she, said to cook I'll get the help oh no I had full health well oh yeah reload just look take my time Thank You, colon diseases he was in my sights from the beginning he's dead. No no no no that's a really good way to kill me to get that gun apparently does a little water damage. I can just kill everybody there's nobody back to kill me she tried though I a for effort a for, effort ok I've 16,000 points ok that's it cool boop boop I'm just killing absolutely, everybody and I don't know why I I don't know why anybody's like they should all just seemed off on me that's the way it.

Works they should all seem off on me and then they could potentially kill me but if they just go at me one at a time there's no. Way for them to actually kill me because I. Have so much more help than then we have a shield now I. Think we're going to get to 20,000 points and then we're gonna end anybody else that wants to challenge the master we're shouldn't gonna hit 20,000 points man we shouldn't gonna hit 20,000 points that's what I'm gonna end, if I hit 20,000 points that's the question Oh 20,000 points we have 20,000 porn that's the cue for me, to end we're gonna go right in the middle and let them kill me, right kill me just kill me kill me just kill me kill me there you go you ever seem to have kill. Me kill me kill me just go at it I'm. Not gonna shoot you I'm not just kill me just killing you faster I'm just gonna dance here and, wait for him to kill me I'm not even knowing how hard can it be to hit me there you go one more shot one. More shot congratulations I think I should be more than just level two yeah I'm level three, on level four on level 5 level physics level 7 thoughtfully grass I got six levels out of that score 20,000. Liter board time 27 minutes and 51 seconds let's go back to main menu and see if we open some chest let's see what we get let's. See what kind of cool stuff will get that's a fun way to end m4 Uzi and deagle and stuff ok I already have that so, I don't need it what, do we get now we get more stuff ok close what what does if I get more weapons wonders how does that help me why do they do they do more damage let's just. Open suggests man Oh suppressor I got it cool thanks and what is this shotgun suppressor I have three. I don't know what that means I don't, know what it means let's open the chest try this to the right and see if we, get I'll see rifle Adam inning on I think I unlocked all the guns I unlocked all the guns apart from the sniper sniper is the only gun that I still don't have ok. So let's see I think I can upgrade the weapons but I don't know what the upgrade does ke eight adds damage. Apparently where's the m4 upgrade one I. Get more damage with it ok ok I see how that works ok so it does more damage because i upgraded it so that was squad just io as i told you in. The beginning this is the free game and you can play it the link for it will, be in the description so go have, a go it is quite fun although as I probably demonstrated already if you're number one and you have the crown up on top, of your head you're pretty much invincible so that was everything for this time I do hope you enjoyed this and if you did don't forget. To leave a like and a finger wall in next one goodbye .