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Well every and welcome to squad death I oh my name is Susan say we're gonna be checking out this really need fun game so this is another I yo game from a top-down shooter perspective you, play as I dude with a gun and you shoot other dudes with.

A gun and we're going to respond right now because we got killed for some reason so there is, a few our subscribers playing I can see mr. t over here. His number three right now let's go get his ass grab Donald Trump I don't know if he knows subscriber or not I'm not release poacher I told the discord. Fold to join on the server to make a better video but there might be some people that are not from artistic skill players 2140. Because I'm an asshole sorry sorry ya feel bad for that he was still disoriented Mac sighs okay. No so this is an idol game politically upgrades, will spawn across the map for example extra shields extra damage health upgrades actually I think it's just helped boost I don't think we have any helper today can help upgrade are related. To your level and if you've ever, played the clash of clans this game actually functions almost exactly the same so after a battle I from God I'm not okay do we, have the experience or this we have a chest I'll give it to have a chat all, right load up we love little six and go and you just go back to the main menu here we, have one chest over here you can open it up and see what we get we're going to get a lot of things got some. Metals a thousand eagle or m4 can close this menu over here go to the weapons load out area we're going. To so its place I defense is probably going to look very friendly switch to a different weapon let's go for.

What I have a lot of because i have a lot of em for my lab rat the m4 like twice then be level four is going. To be very very positive relative could be in for another two is our hero I think. It's just cosmetic mechanics and a pencil let's go for the red beret can go to the shop connected, use real money or watch ads to buy different chest you also also get some of them free over time I'll go back in the game. With our new m4 we are using the m4 right I think their reasoning for I'm not sure we'll. See yeah it seems like a pretty deep and I like it quite a bit i do like, the minigun though i can't i cannot not love the mini ghana game in exhuming hands i'm usually awesome k, this is not looking. So hot i think i want to go back to the it's just so powerful unlimited power just blow everything to bits and pieces there's something over here it is. A damaged upgrade awesome I'm going to be doing some extra damage going to reload while we are no greater someone here hello get them and probably with this. Weapon is that I suck at aiming, and the Megan if you just spray and spray and spray and pray and there's gonna, be fine I'm cornered god damn it hey let's respond let's try one more with this weapon skill number one yeah get ever happy you are so bad you're not. Actually this is a sniper rifle this seems really powerful but also super difficult to aim i cannot hit anything at all and i'm, probably gonna die we'll do some dashes around the commute we're safe here we say no we're not facebook i suppose we. Were friends that's a lie i, guess i'm watching a video allows the sniper could do that if you want but i don't really wanna do it hey they're coming for. Me i can sit in discord hey we'll wait stop stop stop. Stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop something you asked what I wanted to be friends I wanted to team up alright I guess that's not gonna. Happen anytime soon who is this hey hey no I gotta get you a lot of props there we go mr. gravity you, are now very very much that thank, you for a weapon awful with double kill I gotcha I gotcha come out come out wherever you are you are so dead and I'm, so dead too god damn it all right look back with my menu let's go for the minigun i like the megan a lot better if i. May not be as good right now unlike it can just hold it and it goes everywhere and, kills everything there's a limited range and you cannot actually miss look at this I'm just shooting everything is given online it's not amazing that is. Amazing so some dashes we have anything over here some HP is always handy get em ah yeah haha I told, you unlimited power Oh shotgun shotgun I call Shotgun follow the bullets. Pull the path of the bullet there fighting amongst themselves then get him get two shots on your ass get this whatever this. Is another shotgun fire more stuff get a lot of trucks out of the way no, I'm gonna die I'm gonna die god damn it funny all right I'm gonna get the next shift this game is really funny to another thing I, mean I I can see myself playing this game every day just to get the pre crate because I like, this type of game so much I didn't really enjoy clash rial that much. I did like the leveling up system it felt quite quite fair to me but it wasn't we might die but that's a big tower defense. Guy so it didn't actually clash with me that's all haha yet it's clash with, me about this game I do like this can put a lot I like IO games a lot. Oh get him nice I mean he's getting a shotgun better i'm not sure oh why do you find something something heavy extra damage get him oh just a, lot remember we sure the barrel in the barrel of the barrel oil. Runs that Oh triple kill we can do it get him, I'm gonna die no I'm gonna die hide No hi I got him oh man looking Joker he's such a joker okay we got it I got this we got this boys before. Go for the crown the crown is always the best targets fire ah I, get him get him get to sucker he's so strong I am wholly should the sniper is so amazing price pro tip or twist, the dodges. Lite-brite calots should open the chest up come on over the chest focus main menu by the way you have, to connect your facebook yes i know that's a downside you have to create your faces that show it's a legendary. Chest oh my lord we get purple stuff i bounce level time Stuart's a cook PP new weapon we have. Six to seven other two losses holy snacks is that insane or is that insane why didn't i get the meeting under that's so disappointing a bouncer for ya, upgrade just want to equip it I want to bounce it bounce like I like bounce opens in, Isaac my ogre yeah my favorite weapon is the rubber cement my favorite item is rubber cement I mean get him get him play it 2040 you're. Done you're done for the fire blindly towards crown just like in real life oh that's why I blow myself up, why would I blow myself up I kind of want like reload. My weapon I cannot do that right now I have to look users up first is my balance rifle let's bounce I'll. Get some medals they are currently used to upgrade stuff you can also buy weapons with them you so choose, okay is that the bounds of sniper rifle oh that's very dangerous oh we're dangerous very dangerous but also very very strong I'm gonna, die I'm gonna be so that soon metal get the metals get him now get him get the sniper rifle get the cyberking oh my lordy. Lord suppressor I like that idea but I don't want to watch an ad, on video sounds like a bad call honestly who shot me Oh bazooka oh yes rocket uh oh I killed. Myself almost you gotta hit someone come on don't be dumb for Rockets loh peace can be very useful I, shot myself in space it's okay it's okay, it's fine fine play it reaches all gucci my poochie so I'll gucci mane gucci I'm gonna I'm so bad so how the bowels rival bounce, god damn it i tried bouncing but i fail at better bounce me a bouncer on my own i kind of wish to like other. Words it would be like a lot because, we do have so many of your points pretty easy i am gonna die cut the character load no run check bounced I didn't get to bounce so 140 HP the river strategize, we haven't been first in, a while do curry is like owning this game completely he's been here for like hours honestly I think maybe I know every load the damage up is, really bad looking through this right oh it doesn't bounce them here like bounces twice also don't forget to Like comment and subscribe intent just solve, it if you want to see more especially let's reach 100 like Reno's until the end of the week hurry know and I will never say, carino again Oh noise sniper it's not him subjects not the. Bastard it's not the bastard I know where you live I know every limb gonna find, you like comment subscribe just almost a minigun and the suppressor to prepare your, anus oh my god yeah that's discord Jack talking Olly crap what is that is that a shield that's just a personal shield all our cross again I'm dead all right I.

Want to go back to the minigun but I also want to. Try out new weapons I'll go back to the minigun I could try upgrading the guzzi like a. Bajillion times how many medals we have we have fun and city for metals it's going to cost quite a busy because the cost goes up else actually you see how ok we can average global, five not. Eight hundred five damage so I mean high fire rate no accuracy I like that that's my type of game play because, i cannot same for anyway so might as well far as many as both as we can it has so many bullets we, going to be deadly oh that's good okay a lot of people who love it there, there you add that as for me today after me they're chasing they are chasing HP oh I can't get can get HP I have less HP now I had 120 does Dominican.

Actually increase my HP Oh sucker oh yeah I'm okay they're firing at my. Ass need I need to HP somewhere come on oh yes I /. Okay can I be careful here one shot kills all oh nice one that was a very senior 10 God you could get more of them more snacks oh, it's a good so good oh it's a close. So close so close so close so close to go get it get it get it get it maybe I was, too reckless we're actually getting close to level eight that might happen really soon get play it 20 40 the order 2041 a, sequel to the order 1881 it takes place like 200 years later in a sci-fi, future I guess all switches or sci-fi I maybe not see flick encima overweight three yes it gives you a hundred feet every time so that's actually. Real Gucci Gucci my poochie oxo damage we're deloria's we have high far it's going to be, really good see this is more efficient than other things oh my lord I am incredibly good I'm number one of, course I am I mean did you even doubt me for a second there oh and I'll kill ya that's easy just another day in my life killing peeps Oh. Get more damage and I'm gonna die in second because you crew is a God do corno gods are not allowed here I. Don't like God's very, much right now okay just hide hide in the corner right here right here now if I got me now don't get me so I'm. Hiding I'm hiding guys I'm hiding I'm hiding okay they forgot about me I. Think just give you me DHT please hear me bhp here come on spawn mr. HP I need you right now come on no no that's my mouth okay then respond anyway so it doesn't, matter level up okay yes awesome I've got a new, chest let's go open it up with the main menu we've got a normal stress that's. Fine okay deagle and double Uzi it's okay kinda wanna let's go switchbacks admitting us I enjoyed meeting up so much in games like mini guns bazookas and shotguns I like shotguns rail guns mini. Guns bazookas they are some you can be very, impress ice with those opens and still do some damage and because you a lot of turn the fire which. I do enjoy come on and euchre you don't deserve to live, in this world anymore I change my mind you cannot go far away okay give me the sniper I probably just want to even take this hyper also this game has some dope-ass music which i do enjoy quite a. Bit oh yes all i dun dun Duke is revenge man almost level nine already that is, kind of glorious the number three na. Look just for men how good am I Oh get them all get them all good minigun action get him in again action here, okay they're all after me they hate me god damn it oh man give me the extra HP digital go ham, on their asses and not on the crate from their asses please give me some ham on my ass just like a Wednesday morning Oh, Gabe what's up babe but that is. A Oh get a joker you know jus cos revenge no get him oh yeah I don't want to sniper all I killed him good good my papa's x total accident I'm so good ok I won't. Let me come back thank you that's oppressor what does the president it's a real gun it's totally, all coverage of the real gun I like that a lot everyone has many guns now yeah many guys are the best weapon, I told you guys. I've been playing the minigun meta for ages now but no one no one trusted me get him get this lady out of the way please. I'm so bad blop blop oh how I'm gonna kill anyone how does that happen how does a rehearsal I've get to fire get em, reload reload reload reload reload takes a long ass time to reload a long ass time to reload oh you. Did you did you said I'm so that we're supposed to that you were so that I'm you're deader than I am I'm still. Alive i can't believe i'm still alive. I gotta get out of here thank you very much I have a boundary on this relation to Bo shields you do did you ya suckers oh man oh I walk. Into the flipping explosion bomb for no reason why now we can do it for Mom I, have no clue yea my lord, on the skill number two day which is Gucci people like comment and subscribe that's a pro name oh I think that's a suppressor I did I kill myself there I think I, might and what is that weapon it has glowing beams of death and destruction I want. That he has a glowing blue balls that's like wicked every morning I oh I just focus more on playing unless I making bad jokes. About two wickets walls is honestly his balls, are a joke you know themselves oh my lord I don't like your shields very modern hide behind a car no no no hahaha no not going to happen.

Nope nope nope the car is mightier than the sword the car is much as in the sword even though you didn't have a sword arm. Then Oh Lord okay I'm gonna die so much I need to get something a number you need to buy something an upgrade. I need to really do that okay won't forget to next. Chest which might take a little bit like we're half way there livin on a prayer you're gonna go invest some of our metals into a mini ghana braids, because i do want to have a better minigun number nine, I like that at all weapons sounds good sex will wait here for an upgrade yeah stay out of. The fuss stay out of the mess OOP dribble it come on a lot of crates falling in I don't think that's for the next here right now I'm, just hiding no no no time here it's waiting for the sweet as upgrade here oh I. Saw someone there we are my upgrades oh my upgrade please please ooh boy. Oh chaos there's obvious here jennette thing out oh oh you lazy sorry Joker you've been duped and then I, died well I didn't leave for to a limb for quite. A bit which gives me extra points and XP like comment and subscribe oh yeah typical please give me the. Triple give me the double triple in triple double I'm in trouble nods right let's go back to my manuals with the weapons can we get some thing as, upgrades shop 600 for the upgrade here I don't have any metals I have 101 gems again it's 160. For the normal chest I don't like watch ads for five gems at a time but that doesn't seem like a good. Time proposition a special amount of video because I could actually get in trouble for that maybe I don't know how wanna mess with that I want to watch, ads in a video it to be frolla bad idea you stay away from the barrels Joker. I you are my arch nemesis euchre ok everyone don't kill Joker all right. All right hold on very spawn I don't care I don't care just respond decay and you bouncing oh it's a good one bullet other bullets, elbows oh oh so damaging said Amash mr. Amash excess the match is, here oh I'm been cornered no let me live god damn. Iizuka why do you keep joking me with that sniper rifle that's just cheating what life are even I don't know who is mr. Numidia ok you, stay over in jus cuz you can just a god yeah gotcha, OHP because it's not about gettin tht myself it's about preventing others from taking it ok mr. t you gotta go man I don't care I'm sorry there we go I don't.

Want your sniper rifle i'm stuck with a sniper rifle just get out we serve a sniper rifle putting. The wall out of here me back my righteous minigun did you your name to look at scat. All right you could you should do that that's be funny let's go kill Lucas cat that's kind of mean I live for like that.

Oh double kill I'm the king and then there's, wicked scat hahahaha I love that so much together eyes go back to open the chest see what we, get meaning I mean it got me and gone ya know gosh darn it's fine let's go switch to being a lot of cross now it's a, lower rack for lara croft laura laura croft lora craft ok do chrono like you very much let's go let's go find Lucas can't let's. Go find a Lucas care to not kill him oh hello we could skate hello hello. Now odd i see this so i don't like look at he changed his cat to shoot me in the face and I like that ok we're not, killed euchre of course because you could need to die don't if you need, to kill me i'm going to be so pissed ok don't think this man for a no on Piper ok don't you all get cash, ok Scott needs to live kill everyone else kill Joker good no don't choose. To get scared don't no don't shoot me no don't all my lord see I tried to be nice but sometimes some people just don't play.

Nice and some cash oh do queries using the energy diamonds diamonds I mean explosive barrels wireless hit. Islands oh don't you look at cats live cattle I'm get euchre and I'm dead it's kind of sucks. Then 22 minutes already holy balls facts that's.

Uh that's a long ass time all right I don't mind little fun game Oh get this man no ice 45 45 73 29 that's a weird name jus clear you gotta go I don't like your, sniper, man I kind of fame just keep dodging I'm gonna get some we're going to get them don't you dare run away I don't know they just, analog diaper and kill the decoy nice I just don't kill me I was trying to, make peace with you hello it's okay I one died holy what was that we just killed everyone all of a sudden how'd that happen I knew it I knew this day was going to. Come I knew it ok no one takes it and damage anymore. I don't like this at all ok shields up Red Alert HP. HP HP HP or shield HP or shield is pure I knew it man I new HP was there oh what. The hell could catch a cell phone the sky just like in real life should an ID ok corral yay, get all the stuff and I don't need HP at all Oh showdown I love this is not missing anymore actually I see it's. A suppressor all right so all is I keep how scientists suppressor by clicking it and. Then I realized I switch the machine guns automatically get a triple with the, cast that's amazed with the cats I explode Ducasse I explode i don't know actually giving down mr. oh how does he do I bet he has like the sniper fully upgraded so it's. A one-shot kill every time it only makes sense right ooh there we go noise okay I'm out of stuff for most of my mother and, I don't know something at me no, no Oh issues it has / damage it splash damage it get splash damage I have to HP no Rana we gotta run we gotta run gotta run for the. Hills oh man may be crazy but I love. You so much oh gotta love it but I look cool so dope Oh get to get a get, em get em er you took the HP out of my eyes oh ok got him here's Thompson, so I didn't want to do that i clicked off the screen my bad i was like come on I'm sure I'm, still recording properly i M de K killed mr. t I there are a sign you sniping bass hole okay let's do one last round for. The win let's take jus crawfish own oh okay with this didn't count because I decide it doesn't kind of features i. Instantly give it at least like 20 seconds what's that a suppressor oh it's going to specify a time they'll kill because cat duker gonna, grow man crazy might be like okay one more I tried to like dodge in and out quickly like this. But like this alright I guess I could, undo that the cake he'll do create justice has been done let's take revenge on because cats blow up at. Everything ah now it's chaos and carnage know already I think we are done. For Tuesday this is a really fun game it's also very very much free you want to play it like this in description i hope to see you again on our next. Video of this i probably will do another one if you wanna see more let me know in the comments also leave a like to show your. Support also join our discord so you know next, time record you can be in the video and become famous just like wicked scat yeah when I actually just in. This one here if you guys enjoyed please leave a like leave a comment for the real deal more than you can even imagine but, yea once again second guys very much watching my name is been twisted come hotter better games now we'll see you next time you, .