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Ta go stop running Diego yes yes we've ended Diego's reign of terror we've done it hello everybody I'm kindly keen and welcome to a new io game called squad al it looks really really cool and it's not like. Your typical I own games because this. Game seems way more fleshed out and way better design than a lot of i/o games that you've. Probably seen in the past there's a lot of really cool stuff here so you can pick from. An assortment of heroes and you can unlock heroes as you level up so we've got some pretty sweet bliss is that walker texas, ranger and then you got Chewbacca who doesn't want to be a furball to bacha and then. You've got mr. t mr. explosives Anubis I don't know who this is I don't know who this, oh that's men in black that's Will Smith right there yeah you got some really cool characters lara croft right there let's just be Rambo Rambo I like that so we'll be Bram Bo you also unlock new weapons, as you level up so, we've unlocked a shotgun is that right okay and you get points that you can use the upgrade weapons and all kinds of cool stuff you unlock chest as you level up kind of. Like overwatch if you've ever played that look at that. You get this cool look at that that is super super neat so you. Get new weapons you get new abilities you get gems that you can spend money to upgrade weapons by unlocking chest it's, pretty deep it's pretty cool game so why don't we jump into it and see how the actual combat is I think you, guys are going to like this one what weapon should we use though should we use let's use. The Uzi I like the sound of that all right let's do this let's see how we do I I mean I don't, think I'll be able to do very well but you can see it's kind of, like a ax it reminds me of enter the gungeon so you you aim with the mouse and you move around with WASD it's got this isometric look to it and yeah it's pretty, cool so let's see if we can take it oh yeah oh yeah can we, pick this up oh my goodness we just picked up a mini-gun okay yeah that's a big gun why are many guns called, minigun and why is Tate invincible why does everybody have shield oh my gosh holy cow this doesn't seem fair. Okay get will spin we got Will Smith Oh my gun my gun ran out of ammo Oh No get out. Of here get out of. Here get out here Oh two vodka no not Chewbacca okay we're doing okay right that's why I'm going to tell myself okay I'm just gonna hide over here it does not oh there's health there's, health okay grab the health oh there's a shield, over there too okay can we get it oh you sure bet we can ok this, is the current leader we're taking on the leader right now take on the later take him out should we kill him he's like teleported that was amazing okay using hacks Oh Anubis, back off dude back off back off oh. Gosh okay our shields gone our shield is gone we need to do better where we at where in sixth place who is this, a sniper rifle whoa okay oh my gosh I just like that dude 360 noscope okay that was stupid Oh. Miss okay let's see let's see if we can line it up let's try get Lara try get lara croft where you at ghadir oh, that was beautiful i'm at the top I'm gonna leader oh, gosh everybody's going to come after me oh no what have I done so that's a Miss that's a big old with try to get. Them get them okay that was cool I don't know what those are those must be points that we can use to maybe upgrade our weapons i'm, not sure i'm not exactly sure, but i can't believe that we're at the top of the leaderboard right now that's pretty sweet okay where is everybody why can't I find anybody well I just got hit by a rogue bullet that. Was impressive Oh what is this thing was this this is like a AK yeah this works mr. t, where you go in Oh someone took my kill okay all right we can do this we're, in it wearing it now boys there's no going back okay reloading take out take out bin bin come here where you, going to bacha where you going to bacha come back to bacha there we go we took out, you buck all right get the shield and then take out nubes, oh yeah haha dude we are killing it right now 665 on the top of the leaderboard I love it I want more of. This will give me all these points beautiful beautiful point we really want to do this then you want to do this Ben, oh oh oh get out there there's a lot of death going on there's a lot of death over here okay be careful. Play it cool what, happened what happened I'm lagging i'm lagging oh no oh wow that guy's got a rocket launcher that has a rocket launcher and he's not afraid to use it, okay okay nope nope nope nope no oh gosh Oh Laura. Cross is chasing us down with a rocket launcher okay oh she got the help Oh get away get away from me just stay. Away just please stay away what is this damage up I approve of this I prove this comeback Lara where you at where you I got damaged up I'm not afraid to. Use it check out been sweet winter okay. Does he know that that were the greatest foe that he's ever faced in his lifetime okay Oh rocket launcher rocket launcher, rocket launcher oh we dug up we took about oh my gosh we're getting so many kills all this is beautiful all 1600, points oh please tell me I will never stop please tell me, you stopped up we got shotgun okay okay we're okay we're okay everything's fine everything is fine everybody is going to come after me aren't they I'm, scared I'm scared I'm not gonna lie I am quite scared okay there's no health around here I was really hoping for some help got reload gotta reload okay do this. Let's do this get in there okay this isn't working those guys got shields that's not good for, business Rambo is coming all right take out Lennox yes doing okay doing alright oh no. You got shield I got she'll too hahaha we both got. Chills now who's gonna win who will win okay yeah you better run winter winter is coming winter is. Come winter has come and gone what is this thing I have no idea a suppressor this. Is weird oh we took out we took out Dawson okay we got sniper we've got a sniper and we're not afraid to use it don't azimuth that was missed that was a hit double kill oh. My gosh I am killing it. Right now I can't be sick this is unbelievable what is that thing what is this I need this in, my life oh that's like a rocket launcher cactus this is so cool holy cow okay we kind of wasted it, not gonna lie but you know it was fun while it lasted we got damage up but I really need help like desperately desperately need help where my health at please tell me there's health somewhere. Around here oh that was stupid why did I do, that oh there's shields that's good that's sorta like health let's try take out player player 696 75 Claire 9675 gotcha gotcha all right good good, get the damage up shore I won't complain about. That I'm your linux that's a lot missing there's a lot of missing going on okay we got Lennox sweet or two now okay yeah Trent okay you've got a. Rocket launcher and you're not Freydis that I can tell I can tell you're very happy using it okay what is this oh. Gosh each Lennox got the minigun Lennox nooo Lennox nooo Lennox Lennox Please Please linux we'll talk about this clinic. Is Lennox alive I was Lennox alive how, am i alive wow he actually lived ah I blew myself up get Kate. Get Kate Plus 8 okay nevermind you can you can do your own thing you do you oh no get the shield reload reload reload get copper all compra got the shield all. Copper died winter winter no winter six it's. Our ball Oh what is what is an ayah have what is that thing what is this this is the suppressor get copper try hit copper from on, comfort well we're gonna take you out we're going to take you out we're gonna take you i right clicked oh my gosh I opened the window. No no okay oh my gosh that was that was almost disastrous why would I do. That that was a terrible mistake I've made all right what do I have I have an Uzi okay take out, Dawson just blew herself up okay that's cool that's fine if that's the way you want to do things that is fine it's your life to.

Live Lenin hat a lennox has a gun. That is much more powerful than mine so that kind of scares me okay we'll get this power up yeah for sure I cannot believe I've. 2,600 point how is this humanly possible let's do this all right Kate you're next boom take her off okay okay we took out copper to close, this is going almost uncomfortably well give a lot, of points to we got a lot of points okay winter winter winter is Walker Texas Ranger oh gosh he got power up I'm here for. Our lives now our health is actually doing surprisingly well what is that thing what is he shooting, us with oh that's just the revolver I think that's just like, the standard handgun are you at where you at Walker come here Walker Texas Ranger all right let's get in it let's.

Get in it let's do this yes okay we got one try to get another one try to take out linux focus on linux focus, linux focus Lennox Lennox no why so bad how am i winning. Okay we can do this okay let's change the blue hair girl aniya aniya yes we took an ayah Lennox your next your next on my docket you're on my to-do list there you go you're. Done I'll get it Oh Dawson, why why would you do that to me okay it's okay all right I wish there was a reload there may be a reload button I keep like instinctively hitting armed force. Of habit oh no my game I what did I do I hit one of my my favorite buttons. Or something I don't want to be here, I don't want to be on true achievements this is not where I want to be I want to be on squaw do know why would you take it away, from me like that we were doing so good we were thinking so good oh that is frustrating that is incredibly frustrating. Well let's see what we can buy we got a whole bunch of points so. I'll sign in here and so we have these gems and we have these like these. Weird-looking emblems so can we use these to upgrade these or do you upgrade these by actually. Actually using them oh we can upgrade this one we can upgrade our shotgun okay that's cool so you can't upgrade them until you level them up is that right how do, we unlock additional weapons oh we can go to the shop okay, I see so we can buy Liam by metals with real money no one. Wants to do that we can get a deagle which is like the desert eagle and we can get a suppressor which is cool so we unlock those did we unlock any characters no new characters.

Huh oh wow you have to get a lot to unlock characters holy cow those are, expensive 5000 we have what. Like we have 800 so yeah we're not even close okay so I've composed myself after that awful loss of clicking out of the game so let's jump into another. Game with our new weapons are new abilities some of the upgrades that we have let's also try a different character. Maybe red beret or what is laura croft more a craft I'm sorry totally unrelated to the Tomb Raider series let's be lora craft yay she's so happy, okay and what weapon should, we start out with the Thompson a tommy gun we got the upgrade we can upgrade our desert eagle oh ok so it does more damage now ok that's, kind of cool does it do more damage. Than a suppressor probably not why don't we let's just start with the suppressor I think that thing did pretty good work for us and let's, jump into another game alright everything's loaded in ready to go we're at the bottom of course goes without saying we gotta, start over starting from the bottom now we're here well eventually we'll be there oh my gosh Diego he's got too much power he's got too much now I. Know how everybody else felt on that last round when I was just dominating, everything Oh God her ok nice oh he's got like a Tesla, gun that's really cool and it's also probably going to kill me ok just like that fantastic good start let's get back into this hey we hit level 2 and. We got ourselves a new chest can we open the chest know we probably, can't open the chest until we leave a game okay oh my gosh this guy needs to back off Oh Diego Diego soul eater let's see if we can take him out. I'll be, very cool what he pick up he picked up hell are you kidding me ok Diego is just going to keep running away so I'm just going to leave them alone for now.

And just do the best I can with the resources. That i have and somehow we're in fourth place so i guess a couple of other characters left probably what ended up happening oh gosh he has a rocket launcher oh we're so gonna. Die I need help so badly I just need help no ah ok it's ok it's alright you're not you're not, gonna win them all ok oh my gosh wow I got rocket launcher that's, cool oh I hit myself no splash damage old getting lots of killed by haha that's absurd, get the shield ok oh my goodness that was intense c-can we actually hit somebody please I like this weapon but I can't, hit anything with it oh my goodness oh gosh nope he's coming after us he's coming after, up guys all that hurts hey come back we can take him out we can take him out oh no he got shield he.

Got shield ok let's just. Oh my goodness Diego you're too powerful we have to gang up on Diego no don't shoot me shoot Diego I'm telling you he's over there he's gonna get you he's got, to get you a Chewbacca always let the wookie win all right whatever how am I in second place that's amazing I'm. Very happy with that oh that. Guy got a level up oh that was nice ok took him out about 50 points for that one ok we got to stop Diego and his reign of terror gets gives us got get Sean get Sean. Yes we took out Sean oh we took out Christopher, ok we got this weird cactus shooter thing again this thing's cool but I don't know if it's, going to protect us against Diego and his shield I don't wanna I don't wanna whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa Laser lasers lasers everywhere who want the. Peace who wants to pee, I got shield I'm not afraid to use it all by goodness ok just everybody come over here I will kill you I am happy to accommodate your desk we got a ak-47 or m4 sorry I don't, know weapons at all why don't we all just gang up on Diego. We've got take out Diego there's no stopping Diego he's too powerful and just guy get to his level I, just got get enough help and then we're good we're golden nothing's over there. Okay we just have to keep playing good keep getting killed that's good that's that's a pro tip right there keep shooting and try, not to get shot okay that guy just stayed through space and time so that seems a little unfair let's try get this damage up here this guy up okay. Good good good Oh Diego's almost dead we can do this we. Can end Diego's reign of terror Diego stop running Diego yes yes we've ended Viejo's reign of terror, we've done it he's still in first though he still has enough points to stay in first Wow try to try take out these guys, let's try all right yeah ok we got minigun not what we're doing ok ok I'm, in a bad way I've got I've taken a lot of damage in that whole flurry of bullets and, death ok holy cow ok we're doing ok we've done all right for ourselves get away from me, zaria get away I don't want to have anything to do with you or your lasers or your electricity weapon oh my gosh I. Just vaporized the wookie I just totally took out what is this thing doing over here I. Didn't even know things could spawn over there sorry about that Chewbacca ok let's try it it get these, guys won't have a damaged up I'll reload reload there we go okay that's the way that's, done we need health health has to spawn eventually right it has to happen take out nubes months. Come here come here come at me bro Oh Diego he's come back for revenge he's the cool alt took him out double kill sweet sweet multi-kill oh my goodness we. Are the leader now oh my gosh. I got so many kills right there that was incredible yay did Sean Sean sorry yes it's the explicit he barreled think about as beautiful he's got some power-ups he's got some, serious power davila hit a vela Oliva whatever your name is sorry I said, your name wrong but I I killed you too so I'm kind of sorry about that sorry not sorry reloading yep took him out mmm Madeline yes oh, man okay top of the leaderboard again feels good Oh get this get to get the shield upgrade yes. Domination oh we got cactus gun we got cactus time yes lots of kills lots of death kill everything kill everything oh we we. Squandered that badly I don't know. How use that weapon correctly it it's kind of weird because it like lobster grenades but you want to get them in the in the. Direct explosion but it jumped over people a lot of time so I'm gonna batted it ok monster kill I don't know, what that means I'm glad I got it though is this always disliked a killing spree that I'm on right now is that why I'm getting mega point that's. Awesome all my goodness Oh Diego I told you he's coming back with revenge with him with the grip with the, exploding barrels beautiful okay we got the minigun Judith come at me. I got a gun with lots of bullets that I'm gonna, shoot them all at you all we got her oh my goodness that was beautiful okay whoo that was intense hell he got his self back oh he's got rocket launcher get away. Get away from me Diego get away Diego's, coming straight at me he just wants me he wants blood Sean you don't want to do this you'll want you this man this is something that we shouldn't do. We're oh no I did it again oh my gosh you guys I hate this so much oh it hurts oh it hurts. So bad hey pro tip when you're playing this game just press, f11 and that will make your screen full it'll make you go into full screen that way you have. No risk of clicking your favorites bar or anything else for that matter I, should have done that from the beginning but I was lazy and stupid so yeah anyways guys that's going to do it for this episode of squad al hopefully you enjoyed it I, really really like this game I will have a link down in the description below so that you. Guys can check it out yourselves it's very cool all you need is. A facebook sign in to get access to the full game otherwise you're kind of restricted in like getting upgrades and things like that, but otherwise you can jump right in and start playing right away if you.

Did enjoy this be sure to hit that like button and of course if you'd like to see more you can subscribe to my, channel but otherwise thank you for watching and I'll see you guys next time .