Squadd.io Beta

What's up nerds welcome back to another video today i am playing squad dot I oh this is a beta game currently but it's also a browser game like you can you play it on a website like this it's, called this is the website here squad dude dude I oh and so I saw this on the, usual site that i use for finding beta games and such alpha beta gamer calm and i found this so i, thought i'd try it out and so let's just, go so basically go to this website it loads up then you're here and then you can uh basically you could sign up login to play and get you. Get different stuff you could sign up with facebook that's all i have right now but i won't do that just. Because i don't want to be. Logged in with my facebook and so i'll just go with this and I can't change anything and so this is my guest name and so let's just. Say I see what happens but about what about, Bob so real music oh 30 okay I should be put yep this is the online game help tell me know.

Oh oh oh oh look away I just do anything to super sick I know any what's going on Oh is free give me your boy kill'em don't smoke no come on when it was good what, oh my god what go ahead o me help I mean life can, we help oh that hurt oh ho lekin rocket launchers stay wait okay. That I'm oh hey wait anyway everywhere yeah just a brief role when it's all I've looking yes challenger school while, you mind up these logs for you say let sit him up Oh run away Oh called dash is not teleport an answer reload oh don't do that I, like like I like life I need help oh no totally of them I'm, invincible come here you give your money in your money sign them time oh yeah oh that's a gun, oh but I can't use it oh ok but anyway please no kelly rae killing 3 i'm so. Goodnight I'm like no wow that flamethrower that was amazing okay so one more time one more time I don't know, long you can clock 0 0 0 doing surprisingly for how simple this game is and, how small a map is really intense an extremely fun oh oh you have a kill you're going to die anyway you suck what are they completed oh you get stuff I, don't know what those do that's ladyboy just whip up some boxes X we have stuff I don't know what. These two do they give you a response why. My second place move all the way anyway anyway anyway so pretty please correctly damage up your the field that doesn't matter he'll tell ya. No I died so that that was squad I oh I'm so surprised.

How fun that was I didn't expect it to like like you could see the picture when you go to the.

Website you could see kind of what it is that it kind of looks fun but would you actually get it in play it's just like what am I playing it's awesome. Music but whatever Wow a game I think this could turn into, a pretty cool game actually if you add like different guns different level up systems loving up the guns and different maps and different just server things.

And stuff I mean of course it's in beta so it's going to be really simple right now. But actually adding a sign up for their specific site instead of signing up with facebook. And then you could get all the different you get more heroes for weapons and stuff I think I could turn out really well so that was squad I oh, so if you didn't enjoy this video make sure to leave a like down below make sure to subscribe 25, 26 videos every single week and make sure come blow tell. Me what you think of this weird game go try it out.

For yourself it's easy just go to this website and you could just play as a guest simple try it out for yourself tell me. What you think so that is going to be it and I'll see all you nerds next video you .