Biggest Fighter in

Oh what yo what is going on guys I'll be back here so today were playing this new game called squad due to dot IO and this is a brand new game brand, new dot io game what we need to do in this game is basically. First we need to spawn in let's go ahead and take the game okay so as you guys can see there oh god oh my god just, got solid oh there are people already what the hell so as you guys can notice this game is already so much acts. Put so much action packed already so what we need to do is basically bers these, boxes and it points and get money and also kill, people in our way so oh my god hey I need some help oh ok so i got hundred life and I killed someone they did I I need to kill this dude over, here go yes there we go i killed him. Okay so i got this gun oh no oh ok ok so i gotta keep i gotta press the button so the bullet goes on killed himself hey come on, kill everyone kill everyone no no. Oh my bullet god damn it i need to reload I need to back up no no no no no no no no no damage up oh boy they say so intense what's the hell, 1 come on come on come on. Oh oh I kill that one I killed that dude hey what's up though getting shot I'm getting shot you got to be careful gotta be careful i'm getting shot oh. God no no hey what about this dude why what the hell is.

Wrong with it Oh what how did I got kill there all right, this game is so much fun i need to respawn I got something I don't know what it is let me burst these boxes and hopefully all clients actually need a, better weapon because this lipid ain't digging this has been angel and the job all right i got that, dude he broke my shield anyways hey why is this dirt no I'm solo an ass hey what's good oh there's a new weapon all right. What's this a bounce rifle what is it what it is supposed to do let's go and explore to map a little.

Bit oh boy oh, boy this is crazy it's this crazy hey yeah there we go got him where did I, kill them or I don't know I'm not sure hey was this Sophia I'm gonna get you where did you. Go so ya know what is this oh no here's a shield I need to get that dude over there I need to get so good there we go got him for, Sophia I'm trying to run away from this dude but he really wants to fly with me I'm number, of 5th on the leaderboards so that's kind of sad, had better be a really sharp shooters oh no that was my god damnit I needed help so bad no no he's trying to get me he's trying to get me, he's trying to get me goddamn it i'm not going to fly with.

Him but he is trying to follow me okay they say so bad I only have 50 remaining what do I do now yeah man I got you oh boy this dude is, on fire I don't want to get him home, okay what's this okay so I got some help thank you very much what's this I got some support as well some candy, I don't know what do we call it hey I got extra damage very nice very nice i like this. Oh my god he has this gun okay I'm gonna. Get him that we go got him okay now I can actually use this weapon breakout says that we'd go god these people okay what have we got. In here a lot of stuff dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit vamos lowland got them held alright so i logged in using facebook. And as you guys can see I have. So much things on here so i got a new weapon that i can equip all right and what about me oh ok so i got these, people that I could use these ones are all lost and we need a point for those but hey let's get this. Wrist dressing I don't know what it is chest what's this ok did we get whoa whoa whoa where we go we got to, use it on my bill gem and its density cool well that's cool let's get back into the game and this time we have a much. Better weapon it's the m4, so let's get into this shall we that's great let's feed us okay i'm already loan freaking out why you gotta be kidding me. Man you gotta be kidding i'm already loan freaking out hey there we go, killed that people think okay so i just noticed that as we kill people are health increases so oh it was 110 now it's hundred, and and I mean Oh earlier it was hundred now it's hundred and ten so that's pretty cool let's get some point that I was looking for no, he already killed me damn it let's go on like the chest shall we, let's see what's inside this oh oh we got a shotgun damn i want it i want to try that, thing out oh ho this is cool then it's actually less powerful the shots are not as powerful as I wanted, them to be what do i do I guess I need to get closer to people to actually give them, the right shot closer to me buddy and I'll shoot your fine ass get closer to me come, on Callie go got that piece of thing oh I need, to get this I need to get this dude I need to get that thing he's the freaking later come on I need to get that thing oh no it's really, hard wasn't there hells yeah okay what is this this is shield I don't need, no freaking shield i need is from house dude okay so i can press the left click button to get really like a speed boost. Dash AKA dash I need to get out of here, no he got under it out and I died that's kool aid a thing shall we all right what's this oh god this gun is actually pretty. Cool I mean it's kind of accurate I guess it does more damage than the usual gun but there we go yeah it definitely does, a lot of damage come on kill that thing killed us yeah there we go you can, clearly see this thing does a lot of them it's wow this is cool I need to get that thing there we go got him and.

When I change to the second weapon now this is it is actually pretty cool you know i, can i can just burst a lot of beef this is pretty cool Thompson gun I i like. It i love this it does a lot of them it's crazy powerful okay okay. This is not looking good at all no no no no no no no no no no no no no no, I need to run out of here make you run outta here I need to run out of here and hide oh god that was intense okay I. Need to get some shield as soon as possible there we go got the shield now there we go got him okay I. Need to get region I need to reach and. Raise my help as well but I don't know how I am NOT here. Oh boy this dude has got this clear that's done and he killed ok so I'm level 5 and I ll see another one of the, chest ok what whoa oh ok so I think I killed that thing uh oh boy don't mess around with me ok Jen I don't like this gun as.

Much i like the suppressor suppressor is so freaking cool I mean the amount of damage it does, is just insane ok what's this now all right I got this, what it oh ok ok this this one is cool actually this is. So cool oh no no no I'm getting home getting I'm getting triple shot by people here oh no I was leader oh I was later didn't you guys know it is oh I didn't notice ok so my, level seeks analyst i unlock the new chest hey i'm back with the suppressor all right let me get that dude. Over there the leader I need. To get the leader I need to get the leader somehow I need to get the leader everyone he's trying to get the leader everyone is trying to, get what he got killed yeah there we go got him now I have the Machine and I love this gun let's go.

Ahead and kill some people show well I'm not able to kill him goddamn it yeah we go god I'm finally was, creating a. Lot of problems Lily you please get into my area please I'm trying to shoot through there we go thank you very much for coming in and getting my no no no no this dude, is doing some huge amount of damage okay and I'm bad oh well, that well this game was so much fun i hope you guys enjoyed, this video off dude juice what did it dot io that going to look forward to this game it's so much fun, and make sure to check out these videos especially pick them up for you i hope you will enjoy them and yeah i will see you guys and the next one why .